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Private VPN

We provide VPN protection as a standard for every user of Area boosting to ensure account safety against RIOT. Every ELO booster at Area boosting has a private VPN protection while working on your LoL account

Time Guarantee

For every order, there is a maximum given time (which is shown in the boosting area) for your account being ELO boosted. If the booster fails to finish in time, you get 30% of the price back but the work will be finished anyway.

Appear Offline

While your account is being boosted, we make sure it stays private. When the booster starts your order and logs into your League of Legends account, he makes sure to appear offline in chat if you ask him to do so.

Easy Spectate (soon)

In the login there are different ways to follow the progress of your purchase. The easiest and the most fun is to click on the spectate button in the login and watch your booster in action.


Spending your time with our League of Legends coaches will increase your ingame performance. Don't be shy to ask them any questions that may appear about game mechanics, picks or decision making!



Challenger I

Coaching - Go over replays 1v1`s to teach laning phase mechanics and movement/Learning lane matchups Spectating Games then go over what you did right/wrong



Master I

First, I want to know about you, like what role do you play, what champion you play, etc. Second, I will play couple games with you and going to record that game. Thrid, I will analyze the game with you, and help you to improve (decision making, game tip, what to build, what to play)



Challenger I

Top-mid-jungle-support – General game knowledge-Positioning-Warding-Game strategy-Split pushing-Team fighting-Rotations-Snowballing-Obejctive control-Meta picks + Builds – Key to a winning mentality.

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